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enjoy what you got
im not a down loader of music , i like to hold the music in my hand so to speak, i really do miss the L.P covers and the notes , C.D. are some what cold .but i still have...
70's Rock Jan 29, 2010
i must say that modern music does not interest me now , being of a certain age . having collected records for 50 years , i have all that i can handle .Looking through the...
70's Rock Nov 12, 2009
t shirt
i getting there , the T shirt looks cool , be able to pose in the pub , lol. some more points to go , but im hopeful before Christmas ...
70's Rock Oct 20, 2009
i don't give compliments out easily , believe me , but this station with it's mix of sounds is very good . im on after midnight in the U.K, and this station is always pl...
70's Rock Oct 19, 2009
glossy music mag's
i must give credit to the mouthy music mag's , for the balance of old and new content . through the years i have been " introduced to many an artist who as pass my radar....
70's Rock Oct 13, 2009
time to go
everyone thinks they grew up with the best music , i was ten when i hared Heartbreak Hotel, in 1956.Rock n Roll was my music of choice and still is . But no Rock artist ...
Alternative Oct 6, 2009