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no points
Why when they update their new player, that we no longer receive points?...
Today's Hits Dec 3, 2012
hurricane sandy
Hurricane sandy ruined so many houses and lives. even my anniversary ...
Today's Hits Nov 6, 2012
why doesn't the picture i post up work?...
Today's Hits Oct 30, 2012
hurricane sandy
hurricane sandy broke the boiler and now i'm stuck taking cold freezing showers =[...
Today's Hits Oct 29, 2012
Do you believe in it? I read it once in a while, but not always right. I just read it once in a while for fun....
Today's Hits Oct 23, 2012
Hot or Cold
Do you prefer hot or cold? For me I rather be cold, because I could always cuddle with someone and of course wear more clothes if that other person isn't there. And if yo...
Today's Hits Oct 17, 2012
video ads
While listening to the radio for quite some time during working on my projects or studying, I keep hearing background noise. I look at all my tabs that were open and was ...
Today's Hits Oct 6, 2012