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Um help I think?
Just out of curiosity does the Live Chat feature work for any one because every time i click it, it like brings up a blank page, which does nothing... If any one truly kn...
Country Jun 8, 2009
Gather as many points as you can it shows your pride for this station, Don't listen to the person below. the more you love this station the more points you will get. Of c...
Country Jun 4, 2009
The Country
This music is true entertainment it has done everything I need it to do for me, and more. I want the community to add me and join me in listening to the greatest online m...
Country May 24, 2009
Add Me too
HEY all you crazy fans of 977 i see that people want people to get added in the blogs below! so i felt like joining that ... SO add me now..and follow me down the crazy p...
Country May 19, 2009
977 Country
I love 977 country, i listen to it daily and can't get enough of it. I hope they keep up the nice work....
Country May 18, 2009