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Famed television personality Dick Clark died of a heart attack Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, his spokesman confirms. Clark was 82. Clark is best known for hosting ...
80's Hits Apr 18, 2012
Singer Whitney Huston Dies
Whitney Huston has died of unknown causes at age 48.
70's Rock Feb 11, 2012
American Idol
Well, my Favorite to win left American Idol Thursday night.  I don't really care who wins now. Haley is good but James was a performer !!  I'm not a big fan...
80's Hits May 14, 2011
Happy New Year :)
Just wanted to wish all 977 listeners a very happy new year :) ...
80's Hits Jan 1, 2011
Channel down
Buffering........ WHERE'S MY TUNES!!!!  All the other channels are working fine....
80's Hits May 5, 2010
what's going on with the points?
Why have my listener points dropped WAY down from what I had??? Anyone else have this happen?...
80's Hits Apr 14, 2009