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Gift card
Anybody know how long it takes to get your gift cards....
80's Hits Jun 22, 2012
going for $1000.00 add me as a friend
i might be wrong I came up with .015 per friend add .006 per song on Thursday .002 per song anyother time. So friends will help me get closer to my goal....
80's Hits Apr 12, 2012
i want 700,000
I am trying to get 700,000 before my birthday I have been here three years and doing it the right way listening at work.  I just need a couple of friends to reach my...
80's Hits Mar 24, 2012
Adding a song
Can you add Magic by pilots or selena gomez....
70's Rock Sep 4, 2010
I want tons of Friends that way I know who the big fans of classic rock I want to know which years they play the most songs....
70's Rock Jan 14, 2010
add me as a friend
the more friends the better that way I know who all likes the same type of music I do....
80's Hits Jan 10, 2010
Christian Station
Why dont they have a christian music station?  I think people would listen to it?...
90's Hits Dec 24, 2009
earning points
I earned over 7000 points in one week.  I love this program I can work hard and listen while I work....
70's Rock Aug 30, 2009
I want to hear more Billy Joel songs....
80's Hits Aug 15, 2009