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Something I did not know
There is that song called Turn! Turn! Turn! by the Byrds.  I was reading my bible and saw that rom Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 the lyrics of the song were taken. It reads:...
70's Rock Jul 20, 2009
Thought of the day
The best thing about 977 is the fact that you can listen to it while you go to sleep and you know that you will get the exact select of music  that you want.  Y...
80's Hits Jun 26, 2009
Any Interest?
I am a Christian.  I wonder how many people out there in 977 are Christians?  I was wondering if any of you would find an interest in this website, 977, having ...
80's Hits Jun 26, 2009
You Will Be in Bliss.
The heat of the summer has hit us in the Chicago Land area.  What about in your part of town?  It is not just the heat that hits us here. Opposed to the heat, s...
80's Hits Jun 25, 2009
Want to be my friend?
This site is sooooo coool.  I hope that everyone on here would want to make this more then just a music site and more of a social networking site for people who love...
70's Rock Jun 17, 2009
Another error again
Found a big error.  I am going through the top artists and get this....Ini Kamoze they have listed the song Here Comes the Hotstepper and so I clicked to listen to d...
70's Rock Jun 17, 2009
maybe I am missing something here or it is right and I am wrong. I do not know which it is.  Anyhow tell me what is up with this.  I clicked on Ray Parker Jr. a...
80's Hits Jun 17, 2009
Keeps Logging me out
I am not sure if I am really getting all the points I should.  I keep finding out that I am logged out unintentionally and automatically.  It makes me wonder. A...
70's Rock Jun 16, 2009
Gabriel Iglasias
I went to the Improv in Schaumburg and saw Gabriel Iglesias and all I can say is Awwww Kitty Kitty. It was the most funny thing I have ever seen. It was the best. I loved...
70's Rock Jun 16, 2009
Welcoming you all to my blog
WELCOME TO MY BLOG AND HI TO THE NEW PEOPLE HERE ON .977 My name is Gary and I am new to this site.  I really love listening to music.  I cannot be doing anyth...
80's Hits Jun 15, 2009