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i am so stoked!!! i have orientation for clesses this thursday!!! i can't wait to get back in school. i have been way too lazy since i've gotten my bachelors!!! CTC here ...
Today's Hits Aug 10, 2009
thats how many points i have. how the heck did i get such a random number of points? and how do i get more?...
Adult Hits Aug 5, 2009
so excited
i'm off in 30 minutes and i'm going to the lake!!!! yay!!!...
Today's Hits Jul 27, 2009
i'm off work early today and i'm going to get my hair done!!! <3 it!...
Today's Hits Jul 22, 2009
well.....  it was HOT again today so i decided to go for a swim....but  i stayed in the pool too long!!!! my face and sholders and back are soooooooo red. hopef...
Today's Hits Jul 19, 2009
birthday party
i'm going to a birthday party for an 8 year old. cool deal! its 97 outside right now. bad deal! hope i dont melt!!!...
Today's Hits Jul 18, 2009
looks like i'll be working this weekend! eh, at least i can do it from the swimming pool w/ an ice cold beer!!!...
70's Rock Jul 17, 2009
i <3 my job!!!
i just got back from a two hour lunch at the best sushi place!!! the boss here has to be the greatest guy on the planet!!! only two hours of work to go!!...
Today's Hits Jul 15, 2009
i am so irritated!!!! the girl i work with is ALWAYS late! today she came in @ 9:30!!! seriously. it makes me sick....this is your job!!...
Today's Hits Jul 13, 2009
weird weather
the weather here is so weird right now, the sky is grey and it looks like it could rain at any moment....the only problem i have with that is that it is almost 90 degrees...
Today's Hits Jul 10, 2009

miss chicken w...
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