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Will I Always
Will I always have feelings for those who don’t have feelings for me, one being in another country, one being in my own? Will I always wish for change ...
70's Rock Aug 21, 2011
Yup, something's definitely wrong with the radio tonight. It's not displaying artists/song titles and so it's also not giving me points or letting me add songs to my play...
70's Rock Aug 20, 2011
I Told You So
Two years ago when I met one of my top cyber pals we ended up in a discussion about how people tend to perceive us. I told him that people either hate me or they...
70's Rock Aug 20, 2011
I noticed I stopped getting points and had to log out and log back in to get them rolling again. But now they've stopped again! Also, one of the songs I added to my playl...
70's Rock Aug 20, 2011
My New Hidden Talent
Why is it that when a man beats a woman everyone’s quick to make excuses for him and support him, but when a woman beats a man she gets thrown in jail? J...
70's Rock Aug 18, 2011
My Bio
I’m certainly not going to recap my entire life in this entry but for any newcomers who may be curious about the present (anything past can be learne...
70's Rock Aug 18, 2011
Camping Package Grand Prize Win!
This entry is from June Today turned out to be quite a day with a big win! I’ve been on the go non-stop since I got up at 9:00 and am only just now...
70's Rock Aug 18, 2011
No Bigotti Permesso
This entry title is Italian for No Bigots Allowed. Yeah, I learned a new Italian word today when Marilena posted “Che peccato!!!!” after asking me about...
70's Rock Aug 17, 2011
Blogger and Birthday
Despite Blogger’s lack of detailed stats it’s enough to tell me that this blog is getting an awful lot of traffic. When I clicked on “day”...
70's Rock Aug 16, 2011
Can't Skip
I still like this site a lot, but it kind of sucks that we can't skip over the songs we don't want to hear. I also can't get my avatar to load....
70's Rock Aug 15, 2011

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