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Music that fits my mood
I love that no matter what station I have it on there is always something that I like.  I can listen to this all day for days.  I love the music that is on this...
70's Rock Aug 10, 2011
Great music
I have just got off work and boy am I thankful for the great music on  I would be so lost with out it.  I take it every where I go.  Thank goo...
70's Rock Jun 9, 2010
Sending A Friend An Invite
How can I send a invite to a friend.  Is there a simple link I can send them so that I get the credit for them joining up.  It says that you can earn points for...
70's Rock Mar 25, 2010
Loving The Hits
Just got back from Vegas and I am going through some serious withdrawl.  Thank goodness that 977 is here with the hits.  They are playing all the same great mus...
Today's Hits Mar 25, 2010
Housework and 977music
I hate house work.  I would rather do anything else to avoid house work.  However thats not a choice it has to be done.  So as I prepare to start I turned ...
80's Hits Jan 25, 2010
Sound card went out Family went nuts
Ok my sound card went out on my pc needless to say my house was anything but a friendly area till it was fixed.  My family looks forward to listening to the music on...
70's Rock Aug 24, 2009
Now The Family is Addicted
So I was woken up rather early by my family today blasting music.  I could not figure it out.  I thought I had turned off the computer when I went to bed last n...
Adult Hits Jun 26, 2009
Still Exploring Still Amazed
Ok its been 2 days and this site has outlived every other music site on the net.  I have not turned it off.  I am starting to see things from lack of sleep but ...
Today's Hits Jun 24, 2009
Gotta Love The 80's
Ok so I was told about this great site and thought I would check it out.  Needless to say I have not stopped singing since signing up.  This is a great site wit...
80's Hits Jun 23, 2009