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hope everyone enjoyed
hope everyone enjoyed the weekend ad the Easter holiday for those that celebrate it i had fun even though i just babysat my little cousin my uncles watched sports with b...
70's Rock Apr 5, 2010
a long time
it been a while i have kept  my self up to date my friends but not responded it been busy i just got back from Florida yesterday i was there for 7 days six nights ...
70's Rock Apr 3, 2010
wheres my triple points i have earned a single one today am i the only that is broke today...
70's Rock Mar 4, 2010
i haven't heard back from my job interview yet so i now assume the worst i didnt get it so not i am spamming the jobs boards with my resume and applications hoping ...
70's Rock Feb 25, 2010
auto show
just got back from the auto show and it sucked there were less cars then last year which is fine down economy and all but there were less cars open. i want to sit a car...
70's Rock Feb 20, 2010
cant wait till next week for that call for my third interview thanks everyone for there best wishes and all and everybody have a great triple point day it should be ...
70's Rock Feb 18, 2010
it looks like i did good at the interview. i should know sometime next week and i will go in for my third interview, and hopefully get the job. heres hoping...
70's Rock Feb 17, 2010
i got my job interview tomarrow two of them, for two positions pays a whole lot of money the other pays 16 to 20 buck an hour. i must of made waves because my interview i...
70's Rock Feb 16, 2010
good news
just heard back from bout my interveiw. it seem like i impressed the guy this is good news my next interview  is sometime in the beginning of the week with two proj...
70's Rock Feb 13, 2010
just hit 100000 points and i just passed my first interview and hopefully friday or monday i will go on to my second interview and get a job finally work and money ...
70's Rock Feb 11, 2010

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