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Luck Much Improved
My luck has completely improved. I have gotten not one, but two jobs. I was able to get my old job back and a part time job a few hours a week in the evenings, although I...
70's Rock Mar 16, 2010
Bad Luck
In the past 4 months everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. I feel like I'm jinxed or something. No matter what I do I don't seem to make a dent with anything. It...
70's Rock Feb 24, 2010
I am finally moved. I feel a bit lost here now though. Almost everything is different. Not like dramatically different, just the subtle things. But i am happy to be home ...
70's Rock Nov 20, 2009
I honestly feel like I am being sabotaged. Ever sense I decided to move back home one thing after another has gone wrong. First I left my license in Chicago, then tried t...
70's Rock Nov 13, 2009
Acceptance is impossible
Why do people have to be so ignorant? Why can't people just accept others for who they are and not judge them for who they are not? My mother's new family is persistent i...
70's Rock Sep 15, 2009
I know that birthdays are suppose to be fun and happy. I just don't get it. I've only ever had one birthday in my whole life that could be concidered happy at all. And if...
70's Rock Jul 8, 2009