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So today I FAILED my 3rd chem. test, not proud of it at all. I have the final on and I don't think I will be ready for it. Well shit just wanted to post it I guess....
Jazz Music Dec 9, 2011
It's that time of the Year
Finals everybody!!! Are you ready? I am slightly worried, i know that I can pass all of my classes but it will not be easy for two of them. know of any good study ti...
70's Rock Nov 29, 2011
Fort Lewis
Hello everybody!!! I am back at school and am happy to be back on the grind. While I was back in Boulder my friend 2C showed me his new CD!! If you like rap then you ...
Adult Hits Nov 28, 2011
Home Again!
Thanks giving break started today, and I arrived in boulder about an hour ago. Hmm it's been two days since my last blog, i've been slacking. I am glad to be home, I hav...
70's Rock Nov 19, 2011
I just finished my Chemistry lab this morning over Titrations, I know the basics of titrations but I wish I knew more. Can someone help and describe them in a none tex...
70's Rock Nov 15, 2011
I need friends!!
Hey guys and gals, we should all be friends and talk about music and other stuff!! Not to point out the obvious but the more points the better as well, friend request me ...
70's Rock Nov 15, 2011
1 Blog a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Hello again, Does anyone have any interesting topics to discuss? I thought there would be a lot more people on this website interested in music and talking about noth...
70's Rock Nov 14, 2011
Late night homework
I'm glad I have such good tunes to listen to while working late into the night....
80's Hits Nov 14, 2011
i have been researching the effects of cigarettes and cigarette bans on my college's campus and I have found that smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in ...
Jazz Music Nov 13, 2011
Smooth Jazz
I have found a strange love for smooth Jazz because of this awesome station!! Does anybody know of some awesome artists that I should be listening to....
Jazz Music Nov 13, 2011

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