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A Pick Me Up
70's Rock Dec 14, 2011
Boy George
Just found this new Boy George Album thats was never released...
70's Rock Nov 26, 2011
Best Holliday Album Every
Best Holliday Album Ever! Play it for your Family when they're over hehe' ;)
Comedy Nov 22, 2011
Listening to now! :)
Totally Listening to this band Glampire album Pretty Scary... it's got me going haha' ;)...
90's Hits Nov 17, 2011
New Music
Hello' Anyone have any new music that they really like and would like to tell me about??? ...
90's Hits Nov 15, 2011
Hello' I'm new! ;)
Just lookin for friends who want to talk about music!!! I love music and love to find new bands' <3 K.N....
90's Hits Nov 14, 2011

90s Chick