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Happy Thanksgiving!
To all my american friendlies. Hope your festivities included lots of yummy treats. It's the perfect time of the year to remember to be thankful for what we already have ...
70's Rock Nov 24, 2011
Welcoming my Neice
Dedicating Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" to my newest little niecelet Sawyer. She was born a couple of hours ago at 6 pounds 4 oz. Congratulations Aubrey :)...
90's Hits Nov 23, 2011
It Takes Me Back ~ Spin Doctors - Two Princes
The reason this song is so memorable to me is because it was the very first song that played on the first alarm-clock radio I ever owned. Now being that I was about 14-15...
50s, 60s Hits Nov 20, 2011
It Takes Me Back - Cranberries - Linger
One of the first CD's I bought was The Cranberries. I say bought, but in fact It was one of those deals where you sign up to receiving 5 CD's free and then promise to pay...
90's Hits Nov 17, 2011