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Internal Inquiry for Public Transport System
Over 4 days, our national public transport train system has repeatedly stalled due to faults, with the longest lasting 5 hours! It poses on risk to lives as the authoriti...
70's Rock Dec 18, 2011
Comfort food and Mood
Increasingly, my binge-eating moments gets out of hand. Oftentimes, it is triggered by deprivation, instances where I lack control and afterwards seek comfort in eating w...
Adult Hits Dec 17, 2011
Change of weather
The monsoon season passes, and gradually the weather turns to a comfortable cool in preparation for a jolly cool Christmas. Work is headed the other way, as year-end and ...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 13, 2011
Near crash
Went on a cycling trip yesterday, to explore new scenic routes in the country. I had a pleasurable time. On the way back, while on the roads, I had a close-shave with RTA...
Jazz Music Dec 11, 2011
Lost Indulgence
Watched an Indie show, with casts from Hongkong and China. Titled "Lost Indulgence", it is a very compelling show. Slow-moving, with a simple underlying plot bu...
50s, 60s Hits Dec 4, 2011
X Month
This is the month of X'mas. For all the attention this special celebration gets, December might as well be renamed X'mas Month. Well before December even comes near, ...
Adult Hits Dec 1, 2011
Smooth Jazz is usually the channel I listen to. Spotted quite a few favorites streaming today, but it seems they were not available to be added into my personal playlist?...
Jazz Music Nov 25, 2011
Cool songs
It's the monsoon season in my region, so the weather's cold most times in this part of the year. Sitting in the office with a hot tumbler of coffee, and enjoying work to ...
Jazz Music Nov 24, 2011