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Back on my feet (again!)
Well folks long time no post! If anyone has read the post before this I was complaining of shortage of breath during a work out and having to reduce the intensity&hellip...
80's Hits Oct 19, 2009
Mon 5th of Oct: Workout
I had a longer and more intense full body workout planned for today and when I started my warm up I was raring to go.....  But (yep that's right I have But Face!) ar...
80's Hits Oct 5, 2009
Thu 1st Oct: Cardio and Nutrition
Early morning and here I sit, again, listening to the 80's channel and Devo are suggesting that we 'Whip i good!'!  Well here we go folks..... Yesterday was a cardi...
80's Hits Oct 2, 2009
Wed 30 Sep: Nutritional Overview
Well folks September is now just history and we are only 3 months away from Christmas! :D Anyhoo the korma curry I made last night was absolutely fantasmagorically great...
80's Hits Oct 1, 2009
Thu 30th Sep: Lower Body Workout A
Didn't listen to 977 during today's workout (sorry folks) but I had me a hankering for Northern Soul.....  Wigan Casino.  Keep the Faith!  (Google it if yo...
80's Hits Sep 30, 2009
Getting fit with
Hi there my fellow citizens of Cyberland and welcome to my first blog on As you may be able to tell from the subject line this blog is going to cover...
80's Hits Sep 29, 2009