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old car collection
once upon a time there lived my husband. one day he wasn't feeling very well and asked me to buy him something. i had no idea what to buy and popped into a nearby toy sho...
70's Rock Nov 17, 2009
some gossips
not sure if it will be interesting to anybody to read this entry, but i still want to write it here. :) In our university we have a professor Mark Bent who is known all ...
70's Rock Nov 9, 2009
halloween photos
here are they...
70's Rock Nov 1, 2009
Today we had Halloween celebration at university. Not very many people celebrate it in Russia, that is why it's quite difficult to buy a decent costume (there lots of one...
70's Rock Oct 31, 2009
the first snow
it's the first snow today here in the urals, many people are enjoying it, but i hate cold, i hate winter. anyway, snow's better than mud, but i'm afraid it's gonna melt s...
70's Rock Oct 25, 2009
hi to all! long time no see. had quite a busy week, but now i'm here. hope you all are okay here today i've finally managed to change the coolant in my car! didn't have...
70's Rock Oct 24, 2009
whether the weather is hot
whether the weather is not we weather the weather whatever the weather whether we like it or not It's about +70 F here right now and really sunny! Very unusual for t...
70's Rock Oct 15, 2009
i was presented a guitar about a week ago, but i'm still impressed. it's so great! have never thought my own guitar would mean so much to me. now trying to set everything...
70's Rock Oct 9, 2009
today i've dug over about 13 square meters of wet land in my grandma's garden, i'm worn out but pleased :)...
70's Rock Sep 26, 2009
my student grant has increased by about 30%! and i'm the only one in our group to whom such a joyful event has happened (yeah, i'm a selfish girl)...
70's Rock Sep 25, 2009

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