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Did you hear about Patrick Swayze?
Publicist: Patrick Swayze dies at 57 Sept. 14, 2009, 7:05 PM EST LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Patrick Swayze, the hunky actor who danced his way into viewers' hearts with "...
80's Hits Sep 15, 2009
Love the new look
I came to listen to my favorite music & noticed changes of this site, I like it . I don't know if anyone else is having this problem. I went to the live chat it ...
Today's Hits Sep 3, 2009
In the mood to dance to the music
I found a new flashplayer to play its the Hitz. Listening to music & wanting to dance with the music right about now. This is the best radio station ever. Go 977music...
Today's Hits Aug 13, 2009
The best of the 80s
The 80s music is the best ever. I can never go without my 80s music. Plus I love the 80 movies as well. I'm an 80s freak. The only thing is I don't dress like I'm in the ...
80's Hits Aug 8, 2009