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Good day all
 Hope you are all having a great morning. I'm sorry to say I will have to leave you all at 11:30 central time.After work yesterday I get to the house & find my w...
70's Rock Sep 9, 2009
Good day all,hope everyone that is hooked on 977 like myself had a safe & GREAT Time this weekend. Love to all...
70's Rock Sep 8, 2009
New Site
I tune in to 977 5 days a week 8-10 hrs. When I found it I told all my friends. I was thinking to my self this is the best thing ever happend to internet radio. Every day...
70's Rock Sep 1, 2009
Hi people,just wanted to say hello.I don't know about the rest of u but this is the best station I have ever found online,I've been through alot of stations.I don't know ...
70's Rock Aug 24, 2009
July 4, 2009
Friends & members,like to wish you all a fun & safe Fourth.That SAFE goes even more for thoes of you who will be drinking, like I use to .I think back to the...
70's Rock Jul 1, 2009
Hello everyone,sorry I won't have to much time to chat,I'm always at work & on my office computer.Stay kind of busy most of the time but have a min.or so here & t...
70's Rock Jun 18, 2009
Anyone Anything
   eagle1, First of all I welcome anyone who wishes to drop a line or need some ideas on anything,Most likley won't know the answer but can't hurt  u ...
70's Rock Mar 10, 2009