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Listening to Monifah - Touch It is kinda annoying as the music is a rip off Laid Back's song White Horse... badly.  That made me wonder, what other songs ...
90's Hits Sep 2, 2009
Is it only me?
Today has been spectacular day with the triple points. Been happy to see how those points keep running to my account. :D  ...
90's Hits Aug 27, 2009
Triple Points Thursday
Yeehaw! Send in friend requests, comment blogs and remember to keep your radio playing. 6200 points in a week accumulated... and getting more. Looking forward to get th...
70's Rock Aug 27, 2009
My reply to Moose5050
Blogging gets you some points. Not sure how many, but definately does. About making real friends here. How to make a friend here? That is a question we all must ask ours...
70's Rock Aug 23, 2009
Friends - who needs them?
Would be nice to know answers to the following: - If I was sent a Friend Request, do I get point(s) for accepting it? - If I was sent a Friend Request, does the sender ...
70's Rock Aug 23, 2009
Found the site on Wednesday and ever since had the music playing all the time I've had my computer on. But then yesterday morning my Firefox suddenly refused to show 977m...
70's Rock Aug 22, 2009