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CNN Report on Gas Prices
There was a report on CNN last week that stated the high gas prices were not hurting anyone.  I read the article, then re-read the article to make sure I fully under...
Comedy Mar 26, 2012
Our humble Oil Companies
To Exxon, Chevron and ConocoPhillips: We the American middle and poor want to take this opportunity to thank you for the continued rise in gas price's.  I realize th...
Alternative Feb 28, 2012
The New Year
I hope all my 977 music family has a great new year.  Please be safe, respect others opinions, keep your feet on the ground, but always reach for the stars.  I ...
70's Rock Jan 5, 2012
More Revenue Leaving the Middle and Poor
I want to apologize for this vent now.  Anyone keeping up with the current remarks and/or actions of our banks.  BOA and CEO Brian Moyniham are going to start c...
70's Rock Oct 9, 2011
The Positive View
    I realize I have a tendency to be negative way too often.  So today, I am swapping up and looking at the things that I am thankful to have.  ...
70's Rock Aug 16, 2011
Who Really Runs Our Country
    1st, by nature, the job of a lawyer is to argue his or her point of view to others.  They are skilled at the art of debate and arguing their point...
Adult Hits Aug 15, 2011
The Perfect Job
    I want a job where you get the most money, with the least responsibility.  Whether I make good decisions or bad, I will still get my massive paych...
70's Rock Aug 1, 2011
Work, Welfare and Drug Testing
    I can't vouch for all u guys, but every job I have ever had, I was drug tested.  I hear now, they are wanting to drug test people who are on welfa...
Adult Hits Jul 26, 2011
Our "Heros" of today
What is a hero?  Is it someone who risks everything they have to go out and bring something back to us mere mortals?  Possibly.  I tend to believe our hero...
Adult Hits Jul 14, 2011
Our Political System
Does anyone ever feel like the only people we have to vote for are the "bad" and "worst candidate?  I would love to see a middle class person get into...
80's Hits Jul 1, 2011