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Heyy Guys Been A While Since I Have Done This, Lol. Anyways Hopes Every1 Is Having A Great Week(:...
Hip Hop/RNB Mar 3, 2010
Hope Every1 Is Having a Great Week :)...
Hip Hop/RNB Dec 22, 2009
THANK GOD its FRIDAY:)    It Has Been The Longest Week This Year.   Going To Work Soon Hope The Day Goes By Fast Til 8 Tonight. Jus Wanted To Tel...
Hip Hop/RNB Dec 11, 2009
Wow, Been Awhile Since I Have Been On Here:(     Hope Every1 Is Having  A Great Week:)    Hope Every1 Has A Great Weekend Hope To ...
Hip Hop/RNB Dec 10, 2009
heyy guys its thursday........o ya and tomorrow is Friday:) hellz ya...looks like i have to work and than i am gettin hair done, gettin nails, && who knows what e...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 12, 2009
alright i am not goin in to the chat room until whyme lovebug king or someone comes in there............ :( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 11, 2009
well its the middle of the week && i am off work:) tired as hell tho, jus waitin on lil man to wake up than probably go out:) lol and than idk afterwards. first t...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 11, 2009
well guys its almost friday and the weekend o ya:) GREAT!!!, lol. hoping to get more and more new ppl in the chat room hope every1 comes in tonite, every1 is nice so far ...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 5, 2009
well its wednesday the middle of the week and a new month has got here:) wow, this year is goin by fast!!! o well its nice in a way i guess. hope every1 is doin great we ...
Hip Hop/RNB Nov 4, 2009
wow its gettin to the end of the month:) wow year has gone by fast huh?...
Hip Hop/RNB Oct 29, 2009

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