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Hip hop
Over the past 30 years, hip hop culture has evolved significantly and attained global recognition, but with this growth has come many costs. Multi-billion dollar corpor...
Hip Hop/RNB Jun 3, 2012
Love music
I'm loving the 80's station today. They got some good songs on tonight....
80's Hits May 31, 2012
My music
I love to listen to music when were going on a long ride somewhere....
90's Hits May 31, 2012
more music
There is all sorts of music to listen to here....
90's Hits May 30, 2012
Music time
I love listening to music while doing stuff on the computer. But my points from a refferal didn't go up?...
90's Hits May 29, 2012
more music
I need to add more music to my play list soon:)...
90's Hits May 28, 2012
My music
I love to listen to this music and the ones in my playlist to everyday. This site is awesome....
50s, 60s Hits May 28, 2012
I like listening to different music while doing my other sites....
80's Hits May 27, 2012
I'm new to this and its fun to listen to differnet music....
90's Hits May 27, 2012