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points,points,points!!!! lets make that money peeps!!! well its thursday and you know what that means for me!!!! DRINKS!!LOL!!! Ok guys hope to see you guys in the chat t...
Today's Hits Mar 4, 2010
Yo yo !! What up guys? I know it's been a while but get you buts in here and earn some points to get those plane tickets or that wii that everyone wants.Well guys one day...
Today's Hits Feb 11, 2010
I feel so good today. But to bad it's a work day LOL!!!Havn't had ant good sleep since new year untill last night. I feel like a new man to I geuss i just need to charge ...
Today's Hits Jan 13, 2010
OMG!!! I got a serious hangover.LMAO!!!!!Last night i got  so wasted to the point that everything was spinnig.LOL!!! And to day i'm feeling it, but you know what?I'm...
Adult Hits Jan 7, 2010
what the funk is going on?LOL! Well it seems like we made it another year not like 2012. LOL!!!Can't wait to get out of work to night so that I can get WASTED.LOL!! ...
Hip Hop/RNB Dec 31, 2009
Well guys another day closer to the  NEW YEAR!!!! I wonder whats install for me in the up coming year for me ,I hope it's me getting rich. LMAO!!!!! Well like the lo...
Adult Hits Dec 30, 2009
What's up?
what up peeps? How was your x-mas?Good I hope. well guys just stopping by to say what up and keep joining us in the chatroom we like to see a packed room. BE BREEZY!...
Hip Hop/RNB Dec 29, 2009
YO YO!!!!
What up peeps? I know it's been a minute since I  put up a blog, but I'm in the chat  and I'M LOOKING  for peoples to CHAT with .so stop on bye.And yo BE B...
70's Rock Dec 27, 2009
YO YO!!!!!
Well I guess I was late in the chat. Everyone is gone, but i guess I'll see everyone later or at another time. So everybody have a good weekend and hope to see you g...
Today's Hits Dec 11, 2009
Today was a good day. Had the day off and got drunk last night.Was drinking from 7pm untill 4:30am.OMG!!!! I was so wasted. But it was worth it. Well going to get ready f...
Today's Hits Dec 7, 2009

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