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Happy Birthday Moosey!!!
I will stalk you today, but don't worry! It's just a Birthday stalk! Hope you've had a lovely day and continue the celebration! Tell nelly I'd like cheesecake brownies ;o...
70's Rock Aug 23, 2011
Hey!!! Look!!! There's A Chat Room!!!
Stop being shy! Go visit and at least say hi! That rhymed, go me! We don't bite. Ok we may nibble but it can be fun. Come and visit us at some point.  If you s...
70's Rock Aug 15, 2011
To Blog Or Not To Blog...
Aghhhh why the heck not!? Yeah yeah it's been a while. I've had issues, people! There's this song by Nelly called "Go" and the line that always gets me is that...
70's Rock Aug 14, 2011
Happy Birthday To The Most Handsome Moose Ever!!!!
Moosey, I love you. Have a lovely Birthday. You have a free pass today so eat up all the fudge, brownies, cookies and chocolates you want ;o) Thanks for your friendshi...
70's Rock Aug 23, 2010
The Zephyr Song
By my favorite band, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just kept replaying that song today! It's the only music I like listening to on my iPod in the mornings on my way to work. T...
Adult Hits Oct 7, 2009
So tired!
Not of the music. Just in general. This weekend flew by and it feels like I never had a weekend. Anybody else just......tired? P.S.: No "Alternative" under blo...
Adult Hits Oct 6, 2009