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Ive been distracted lately, but pleasantly distracted. I met a guy since I last blogged, well lets say i re-met him. Because we went to school together back in middle sch...
70's Rock Dec 31, 2009
Why hello 5am, it's been a while
I have been so absent lately, but finals had me busy. Also, my dad was home for a few days then. But now that is all done and I'm a free woman til Jan. 11th I think, lol....
Jazz Music Dec 17, 2009
Nearing the end
I havent been around much cause school has kept me entirely too busy. I only have one week left and it's going to be the most stressful week ever. But once it's over, its...
70's Rock Dec 3, 2009
New Moon
So, I'm going to be sitting in line tonight waiting for New Moon to premiere at midnight. I don't care that I'm 24 years old and the majority of the people there will be ...
70's Rock Nov 19, 2009
My Usual Rant
As I sat in class today, I could literally feel the knots in my back getting tighter and tighter as my teacher went over the list of things we have to do. A few weeks ago...
50s, 60s Hits Nov 17, 2009
So I posted a few more earrings in my shop on etsy! I think everyone should check it out!!
70's Rock Nov 15, 2009
So far I've had a fantastic weekend, I've gotten some work done. But more importantly I've had fun, which I haven't done in a while. I've spent time with my friends and t...
70's Rock Nov 14, 2009
Nickel Creek
Has anyone heard of them? They are from my area, but I'm pretty sure they are known somewhat well. If not, go to youtube and search Nickel Creek- When You Come Back Down ...
70's Rock Nov 12, 2009
Research, papers, tests!
As the semester nears it's end, there seems to be a never ending list of things to do! Ive gotten all my subjects for my research and now I have to grade/assess 53 questi...
70's Rock Nov 12, 2009
My research went well, I was very happy! I had 25  people show up. I need at least 40 over two days, so surely I can meet that quota on Wednesday. I was really nervo...
70's Rock Nov 9, 2009

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