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Bury my body, deep beneath the earth, This black soul, that noone sees, Lurks so deep in me. Signal to me, it's time to leave, Angels of death carry me away, Slowly ...
Adult Hits May 28, 2010
I have some time away, come back, and the chat room is not there! Can someone please explain this to me!...
Adult Hits Apr 17, 2010
The Dream
Time escapes so easily, Slipping between my fingers, A fluidity not seen, understood, Until I'm left standing alone, On the pinacle of life. Horizons stretching out ...
Adult Hits Mar 13, 2010
All i see is death, All i hear is crying, All i feel is despair, All that was, is no more. Another plane crash, Another child abandoned, Another persons world shatt...
Adult Hits Jan 14, 2010
Struck by the beauty before me, I sigh theatrically. Unbidden, the ray of light, Surrounds me completely, Bathing my soul in a peacefullness, I never want to lose. ...
Adult Hits Jan 7, 2010
Best Friends
Tears falling silently, I reach out to you, Not expecting you to be there, But there you are, crying, Not sure if you're crying with me or for me, All i care about i...
Adult Hits Dec 20, 2009
Breathe, Let the past dissapear, Let go of the tears Turn away from the hurt, The worlds not over yet. Breathe, Theres more here then this, This is your journey, ...
Adult Hits Dec 4, 2009
Spring is like a perhaps hand
Not my own work...but something i like Spring is like a perhaps hand (which comes carefully out of Nowhere)arranging a window,into which people look(while people sta...
Adult Hits Dec 3, 2009
Where would the world be without caffine? i know this is a departure to my normal style of blogging, namely fictional works, but i just have to pass on the brilliance tha...
Adult Hits Nov 29, 2009
Who am i?
The past's another country. Who lives there? My loved ones, absent friends, some quick, some dead Some loving and supporting, some misled. This renaissance will take s...
Adult Hits Nov 29, 2009

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