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sheepsi - on igmetall congress part1
And please excuse again that this stories can´t be cut short to fit just in 1 blog ;) After worked on the ver.di congress 3 weeks ago, my boss found out I&acu...
Today's Hits Oct 16, 2011
sheepsi - on igmetall congress part2
I was planned to stay on the congress from Monday till Wednesday afternoon – then drive back home 400km and next day be in office as we had hell of a lot to do in o...
Today's Hits Oct 16, 2011
sheepsi - on igmetall congress part3
On Friday I knew that the most important politician in Germany the Bundeskanzlerin (Chancellor) Mrs. Angela Merkel will be coming. More important than our president Mr. W...
Today's Hits Oct 16, 2011
sheepsi newest challenge on ver.di Bundescongress part2
Back to main subject – my challenge – on the first evening there was a grand opening on that congress. I knew it should be the top politician - our german &...
Today's Hits Sep 21, 2011
sheepsi newest challenge on ver.di Bundescongress part1
Dear awesome  .977 listeners, fellows  and my friends in chat, Just in advance – I do know blogs should be short – but this one couldn’t be...
Today's Hits Sep 21, 2011
What life should be - sheepsi on experience trail
Hey friends, guests and listeners on .977, just to let u know i am still alive - here some of my life comments again. As u know, i love making new experiences and e...
Today's Hits Jul 15, 2011
sheepsi on german radio station
Hey friends and listeners of .977 radio – sheepsi again Today I would like to share my newest radio experience with you as it was great fun for me. About  ...
Today's Hits May 29, 2011
Hi u gorgeous listeners on .977 - here is sheepsi
Hi listeners and my special friends - know long time u couldnt see me that often nowadays  - as one of u got me into internet gaming again. Enjoying gw online ...
Today's Hits Apr 16, 2011
Living in our chat - special day
Dear users, .977 listeners, fellows, friends, everyone who was in chat two weeks ago, was witness off a very special occasion. In our usual funny - enjoyable conversa...
Today's Hits Feb 7, 2011
.977 listeners come join the chat
Hi fellows, friends, .977 listeners Every day i meet new people here from all over the world - and I enjoy that - many grown ups here and so its nice to talk to them. ...
Today's Hits Feb 7, 2011