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  • Len's early material was reminiscent of artists such as My Bloody Valentine, Mystery Machine and the Descendents. When they were dubbed as a "hip-hop Human League", Marc and Shar were flattered and admitted to being "weaned" on the Human League.
  • The band has been together since 1991; the members are siblings and have an unusually strong bond with each other.
  • In 2002 Len released an advance copy of We Be Who We Be (2002) only in the United States and Canada. The album was originally slated for Q2 2002, but after years of delays the band decided to leave the struggling label for Canadian-based Venus Corp (EMI). On February 15, 2005, Venus Corp released a completely different Len album, Diary of the Madmen, in Canadian stores only. However, some stores decided not to sell it due to its explicit language.
  • According to a blog entry December 18, 2006, by Marc on Len's MySpace page - "Goin to the UK in Jan to do last vocs with shasha. The album will be out for the summer (2007)."
  • After months of waiting Marc finally posted a blog on September 24, 2008 that read "Soooo.... after all this time and all the thousands emails looks like were not gonna make another len record. Just couldn't get it ( and everyone ) together . There may be still one hope but i'll know at the end of this week. On a brighter note....Me and Sharon will be making our own record and will keep you updated on a page we will make soon! So i'm still fuckin excited and if me and sha start should be done in months, not years! hahaha...."

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