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Martin Lawrence

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence (born April 16, 1965) is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He came to fame during the 1990s, establishing a Hollywood career as a leading actor, most notably in the films House Party, Boomerang, Bad Boys, Nothing to Lose, Blue Streak, Life, Big Momma's House, and A Thin Line Between Love & Hate.

He married Patricia Southall, a former Miss Virginia winner in January 1995. They divorced in September 1997. Lawrence has a daughter with Patricia named Jasmin Page, born on January 15, 1996. Lawrence also has two other daughters, Jamie and Gina, born in 2001 and 2003.
While filming A Thin Line Between Love and Hate in the mid-1990s, Lawrence had a violent outburst on the set and began taking drugs. He became increasingly erratic and was arrested after he reportedly brandished a pistol and screamed at tourists on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles. He was also arrested at Burbank Airport for carrying a loaded gun in his suitcase. In March 1997, Lawrence was arrested again after allegedly assaulting a man in a Hollywood nightclub.
During August 1999, Lawrence went into a three-day coma after collapsing from heat exhaustion while jogging in 100-degree heat with several layers of heavy clothing. He recovered in the hospital from near death and running a body temperature of a seemingly impossible 107 °F (41.7 °C), his breathing assisted by a respirator.


Braggin' on Their D##ks
Doin' Time In Hollywood
Eveybodys A Gangsta
Fartin' & Sh##in'
Fat People
I Love S#x
Michael Jackson
Smoking Weed
Talking During S#x
Wash Your A##
White Kids Black Kids

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