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Matchbox 20


  • The band released the CD Exile on Mainstream on October 02, 2007.
  • Lyrics from Matchbox 20's song Unwell inspired Corey Giann Antonio and Sebastian Moreira to write the movie Friends Like These.
  • Rob claims that you can hear Kyle breathing during the song Hang.
  • Before forming Matchbox 20 Rob, Paul, and Brian were in the band Tabitha's Secret with Jay Stanley and John Goff.
  • Rob Thomas was a military brat and was born in Germany.
  • The song Bent is Matchbox 20's only official number 1 hit.
  • Kyle Cook and Adam Gaynor have been know to wear each other's clothes.
  • The bands debut album Yourself Or Someone Like You was originally going to be named Woodshed Diaries.
  • The least expensive video the band has made was Unwell.
  • Kyle Cook was only 19 when he joined the band.
  • Rob Thomas originally wanted to call the band Larry.
  • Paul Doucette was the band member who came up with the name Matchbox 20.
  • Backup singer/guitarist Adam Gaynor officially left Matchbox 20 in February of 2005.

90's Hits

Back 2 Good

Adult Hits

How Far We've Come
She's So Mean
These Hard Times

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