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Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf's real name is Marvin Aday.

He often makes up stories about how he got his name. The likely answer is that it was given to him by his high school football coach.

His daughter Pearl was a "Crue Slut," meaning a backup singer and dancer, on Motley Crue's 1999-2000 tour.

A study at Sussex University in England found that his music was an excellent stimulant for plant growth.

He has appeared in several movies, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club. He also played Jack Black's father in Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny..

Meat Loaf was lead vocalist on Ted Nugent's 1976 album Free For All.

He comes from a rather large family. While he reportedly weighed over 200 pounds in seventh grade, his dad weighed 350 and his uncle (standing six feet seven inches) weighed nearly 700 pounds.

An early band was called Meat Loaf Soul, and was sometimes billed as Popcorn Blizzard. They opened for many notables, including Ted Nugent, the Who, and the Stooges.

Meat Loaf met pianist and songwriter Jim Steinman when Loaf auditioned for his play More Than You Deserve. These 2 collaborated to make the hugely successful album Bat Out of Hell and its sequel, Bat Out Of Hell II.

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