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Men At Work

Men at Work were an Australian rock band, which formed in 1978. Their founding mainstay was Colin Hay on lead vocals; he formed the group with Jerry Speiser on drums and Ron Strykert on lead guitar. They were joined by Greg Ham on flute and keyboards and then John Rees on bass guitar. This line-up achieved national and international success in the early 1980s. In January 1983, they were the first Australian artists to have a simultaneous No. 1 album and No. 1 single in the United States Billboard charts – Business as Usual (released on 9 November 1981) and "Down Under" (1981), respectively. With the same works, they achieved the same distinction of a simultaneous No. 1 album and No. 1 single on the Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom charts. Their second album, Cargo (2 May 1983) was also No. 1 in Australia, No. 2 in New Zealand, No. 3 in the US, and No. 8 in the UK. Their third album, Two Hearts (3 April 1985), reached the top 20 in Australia and top 50 in the US.

At the Grammy Awards of 1983 they won the Best New Artist category; while at the ARIA Music Awards of 1994 they were inducted into the related Hall of Fame. Men at Work have sold over 60 million albums worldwide. According to Australian musicologist, Ian McFarlane, "[i]rrespective of the band's fairytale rise to prominence, [their] phenomenal success inextricably created worldwide interest in Australia and Australian music ... [they] simply opened the floodgates with little more than a clutch of great songs ... [and were] Australia's most famous group" until the late 1980s. The group disbanded in 1986 and reformed in 1996 to disband again by 2002.

In May 2001 "Down Under" was listed at No. 4 on the APRA Top 30 Australian songs and Business as Usual appeared in the book, 100 Best Australian Albums (October 2010). In February 2010 Larrikin Music Publishing won a case against Hay and Strykert, their record label (Sony BMG Music Entertainment) and music publishing company (EMI Songs Australia) arising from the uncredited appropriation of "Kookaburra" for the flute line in "Down Under". On 19 April 2012 Greg Ham was found dead at his home of an apparent heart attack.
Before being signed by austrailia columbia the band were regulars at the Cricketer's Arms Hotel Bar and on the Austrailian Pub Circuit.
In the bands first two years they were the highest paid unsigned band in Austrailia.
Men At Work's first UK number one was "Down Under".
Lead Singer Colin Hay has also started an Acting carrer and has appeared in NBC sitcom Scrubs and the movie The Wild.
Colin Hay was the only member of the band to pursue a solo career.
Men At Work co-headlined the US Festival with The Clash and The Stray Cats.
Men At Work's second album "Cargo'" release was delayed due to the overwhelming success of their first album
Men At Works album "Buisness as usual"spent 10 weeks on top of the Austrailian album chart.
Original members Greg Ham and Colin Hay toured the world again and even made a new album, "Brazil".
The lead singer of the band was Colin Hay who has released numerous solo albums.
Men at work relased six albums in total.
Their only two hits from their second album "Cargo" were "Overkill" which reached #3 and "It's A Mistake" which reached #6.
The bands second album "Cargo" only reached number 3 in the US charts.
In 1983 the band won a grammy for Best new artist.
The two main singles from the Album "Buisness as Usual" were "Who can it be now" and "Down Under" and they both reached the #1 spot in the US charts.
Originally the band consisted of Colin Hay, Ron Strykert, John Rees, Greg Ham and Jerry Speiser.
Men At Work's debut album was "Buisness as Usual" and it was released in 1981.
Men At Work officially started in 1979.
Men At Work officially split up in 1985.
Men At Work were inducted into the ARIA rock and roll hall of fame in 1992.

80's Hits

Land Down Under
Who Can It Be Now


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