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Montgomery Gentry

  • In 2000, they won the CMA for SOCAN "Song of the Year."
  • In 2005 Eddie Montgomery had surgery to repair damage done to his left wrist after falling off the stage.
  • Montgomery Gentry signed with Columbia Records.
  • Andrew James Bowers plays bass guitar for Montgomery Genty.
  • Frank Gordon Bowers plays electric guitar for Montgomery Genty.
  • Troy Gentry loves Italian food.
  • Troy Gentry's favorite movies are Austin Powers and Batman Returns.
  • Troy Gentry has two siblings; Keith and Jane.
  • Troy Gentry has 2 kids; Kaylee and Taylor.
  • Troy Gentry is married to Angie Gentry.
  • Eddie Montgomery wear the # 3 on his black coat in honor of Dale Earnhardt.
  • Eddie Montgomery's favorite movie is Outlaw of Josey Wales.
  • Eddie Montgomery's favorite foods are hamburgers and Chicken 'N Dumplings.
  • Eddie Montgomery's mother's name is Carol Hasty.
  • Eddie Montgomery has 2 siblings; John Michael Montgomery and Becky Montgomery Whitaker.
  • Eddie Montgomery has 4 kids; Kevin, Brooke, Candance, and Hunter.
  • Eddie Montgomery's wife's name is Tracy.
  • In late 2003, Montgomery Gentry was honored to be the grand marshals in a fund raising motorcycle ride through the streets of Atlanta.
  • In late 2003, Montgomery Gentry raised $286,000 for the March Of Dimes by performing at the benifit concert.
  • Montgomery Gentry released their cd, You Do Your Thing in May of 2006.
  • While on tour with Kenny Chesney in 2002, Montgomery Gentry also toilet papering his bus in retaliation for the above balloon incident bus full of helium balloons.
  • While on tour with Kenny Chesney in 2002, Montgomery Gentry took the wheels off of Kenny Chesney's bus.
  • While on tour with Kenny Chesney in 2002, Kenny filled Montgomery Gentry's bus full of helium balloons.
  • Troy Gentry loves football and NASCAR.
  • Troy Gentry drives a black 2002 Chevrolet Corvette.
  • Troy Gentry's nickname is "T-Roy"
  • Troy Gentry's Zodiac sign is a Aries.
  • Eddie Montgomery's Zodiac sign is a Libra.
  • Eddie Montgomery drives a black BMW 2003 Z4.
  • Eddie Montgomery loves NASCAR and football.
  • In 1999, Montgomery Gentry won the Academy of Country Music's "Top New Vocal Duet" award.
  • Eddie Montgomery is John Michael Montogomery's older brother.
  • Troy Gentry won the Jim Beam National Talent Contest in 1994.
  • Troy Gentry was born on April 5, 1967, in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Eddie Montgomery was born Gerald Edward Montgomery was born on September 30, 1963, in Danville, Kentucky.
  • Montgomery Gentry opened for Brooks and Dunn's "Neon Circus & Wild West Show" tour in 2001.
  • Montgomery Gentry opened for Kenny Chesney's "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" tours in 2002 and 2003.
  • In 2002, Montgomery Gentry released their third album, My Town.
  • In 2000, Montgomery Gentry won a CMA award for "Duo of the Year", beating out Brooks and Dunn who had won the previous 8 years.
  • In 2000, Montgomery Gentry won a CMA award for "Duo of the Year."
  • Montgomery Gentry's first debut album, Tattoos & Scars, was released in 1999.
  • Montgomery Gentry first called themselves "Deuce."
  • Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry first met in a band called Early Tymz, led by Eddie's brother, John in Lexington Kentucky.
  • Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry make up Montgomery Gentry.


Back When I Knew It All
Lucky Man
Some People Change
What Do Ya Think About That
Hell Yeah
Long Line of Losers
One In Every Crowd
Roll With Me
Something To Be Proud Of
Where I Come From

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