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Nick Swardson

A native of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area, Swardson was born to Pamela and Roger Eric Swardson, and is the youngest of three siblings — he has a sister, Rachel, and a brother, John. Roger Swardson (1934–2003) was an editor and journalist — having written for publications such as the Cincinnati Enquirer and City Pages, as well as founding the Grand Gazette, a former Saint Paul community newspaper. Roger Swardson also invested in land development in Saint Paul, revitalizing Grand Avenue — an area now known as Victoria Crossing. Roger and Pamela divorced in 1989.

Swardson attended St. Paul Central High and started acting and performing improv comedy at the age of 16. A mischievous student who struggled with alcohol and drugs, Swardson was expelled from school on four occasions for pulling fire alarms in order to go outside and smoke cigarettes, fighting, posting a lewd sign in class, and for smoking marijuana; he was enrolled in a rehab program while still in school.

After graduating in 1996, Swardson decided to pursue stand-up comedy rather than attend college. Although Swardson was a fan of sketch comedy, he saw stand-up comedy as a stepping-stone to a career in film, more so than he would working within a comedy troupe.

Nicholas Roger Swardson (born October 9, 1976) is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and writer.
Best known for his recurring role of Terry Bernardino in the Comedy Central series Reno 911! and for his numerous guest appearances in Adam Sandler movies.
Swardson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the son of Pamela and Roger Swardson.
He has worked closely with Adam Sandler and Sandler's Happy Madison Productions.
Swardson performs regularly as a stand-up comedian throughout Los Angeles.
He has been featured in two of his own Comedy Central Presents stand-up specials.
In 2006, Swardson started work on a television pilot called Gay Robot about a gay robot that was built by a university professor.
He also began a feud with Hollywood Bitchslap film critics Chris Parry and David Cornelius. The arguments started when Swardson wrote to them complaining of their poor reviews. Parry and Cornelius rebutted, as the debate continued; the feud eventually ceased.
As of July 2008, his debut album, Party, has sold more than 100,000 copies.



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