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Orgy was formed in 1994 by vocalist Jay Gordon and guitarist Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck. Bassist Paige Haley, and drummer Bobby Hewitt soon completed the line-up. Derakh had previously gained some fame in the 1980s metal band Rough Cutt, and Hewitt was a former member of Electric Love Hogs. Gordon and Derakh were also experienced producers, having produced Coal Chamber's self-titled CD.

Within six months Jonathan Davis, who performed with Shuck in Sexart, signed Orgy to Korn's label Elementree Records.

Orgy is a rock band from Los Angeles, California.
Orgy describes their music as "death pop".
They claimed the name of the band was not a sexual reference, but instead pointed to the "collage" of different styles in their music.
Orgy was a musical guest on WB's Charmed, performing "Opticon" in the episode "Sin Francisco".
In 2001, Orgy released the song "Faces" for the soundtrack of the film Zoolander. As of 2007, "Faces" is unreleased on any of their studio albums.
"Slept So Long" on the soundtrack for the film Queen of the Damned was written and preformed by frontman Jay Gordon



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