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  • OXO is an American new wave pop band formed by Ish 'Angel' Ledesma in 1983.
  • Formerly the lead singer of Foxy, Ledesma formed OXO with guitarist Orlando, bass player Frank Garcia, and drummer Freddy Alwag.
  • Their only Top 40 hit was "Whirly Girl," which, according to Ledesma, was originally entitled "Worldly Girl." The song was written about Ledesma's wife.
  • The main section of "The Cameraman," episode 104 of the Showtime series "This American Life" - based on the long-running PRI radio show - focuses on Garcia's current family life and features music by Garcia and OXO. The footage comes from "Frank & Cindy", a documentary by Garcia's stepson, G.J. Echternkamp. The DVD packaging describes it, in part, this way: "After a year of filming, what began as an attempt to mock his one-hit-wonder stepfather, instead becomes a candid portrait of the pursuit of happiness

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Whirly Girl

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