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  • Prakazrel Samuel Michel, known as Pras, (born October 19, 1972)
  • When he was fifteen, Pras met Lauryn Hill. In 1988, Pras introduced Lauryn to his "cousin", Wyclef Jean, and subsequently formed a musical group called the Tranzlator Crew. The group soon changed its name to The Fugees, as a tribute to the many Haitian refugees desperately crossing the ocean to the United States.
  • Pras attended Rutgers College and Yale University, pursuing a double major in philosophy and psychology
  • In 2006, Pras created "Skid Row", a documentary account of his nine-day experience posing as a homeless person living in downtown Los Angeles. Using a hidden camera, Pras captured the devastating reality of homelessness. Skid Row was released in 24 August 2007.
  • The experience of living on the street inspired Pras to launch prAsperity project in May 2007. prAsperity project is a non-profit organization that jump-starts awareness and solutions for intractable problems affecting the human condition. The organization takes on humanity "projects" as distinct crusades that need attention, working on behalf of established community groups to inject energy and progress towards issues ranging from homelessness to social injustice.
  • In 2008, Pras launched a new media marketing company called Platinum Brand, a global provider of internet video solutions and services. He publishes and distributes a weekly video blog available on the site.

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