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Despite its name, Berlin did not have any known major connections with the capital of Germany, but instead was formed in Orange County, California in 1978. They were inspired by what they were convinced was the unique keyboard work of Kraftwerk, Devo, Sparks and The Screamers. Their first single, "A Matter of Time," was released in early 1979 on Zone-H Records. The single was re-issued in 1980 featuring a replacement vocalist, Virginia Macolino, after Terri Nunn had temporarily left the band to pursue an acting career. (At one point, Nunn auditioned for the role of Leia Organa in the movie Star Wars. This was followed by the album Information. At this point, the band was having trouble gaining the attention and respect of the recording industry: according to Nunn, "It was all skinny ties and a lot of upbeat, happy guitar stuff. The record labels just didn't understand what we were doing."

Berlin was formed in Orange County, California in the late 1970s.
The classic version of Berlin was featured on the VH1 show, Bands Reunited where all members (except for Rob Brill) agreed to not only reunite as friends but as a band. They played one show at The Roxy in California to a sold-out crowd.


80's Hits

No More Words
Take My Breath Away
The Metro

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