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  • Republica were an English band formed in 1994. The height of their popularity spanned from 1996 to 1998
  • The band's self-titled first album was released in July 1996 and reached #4 in the album charts. However, their follow-up 1998 album Speed Ballads and its lead single, From Rush Hour With Love, reached only #37 and #20 respectively.
  • The band suffered when their label, Deconstruction Records, folded shortly after the release of Speed Ballads. Deconstruction's back catalogue was swallowed up by BMG, who released a Best Of album.
  • More recently, Saffron provided guest vocals on Parka's first album Attack of the Hundred Yard Hardman on the track "DJ In The Corner".
  • During their lifetime, the group attracted much positive press coverage. Emerging after a wave of female-fronted rock bands (such as Elastica, Lush, Sleeper, Echobelly and Kenickie), it had, like Garbage, a notably more aggressive and electronic sound.


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