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Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock

  • Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock is a hip-hop duo from Harlem, New York who are best known for their hit "It Takes Two." The duo consists of Rob Base (Robert Ginyard, born May 18, 1967) and DJ E-Z Rock (Rodney "Skip" Bryce).
  • Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock had a reunion album in 1994 with Break of Dawn, however the album didn't do well critically or commercially
  • In 2008, their song "It Takes Two" was ranked number 37 on VH1's 100 greatest songs of hip hop also on the same show it is revealed that they are still active today
  • The song "A Minute" by X-Treme, featured in DDRMAX2, samples the lyrics of "Turn it Out (Go Base)".
  • "Joy and Pain" was also briefly referenced in the NBC sitcom Scrubs, as Dr. Christopher Turk sang the chorus during surgery in Season 1.
  • Jason Mraz has used "Joy & Pain" on occasion as an outro to live versions of his song "No Doubling Back".
  • DJ E-Z Rock was the inspiration for the My Dougie dance which can be seen at the end of their video "It Takes Two"
  • In the song Classic, by Kanye West, he uses the line "I did a little bit of college, semesters it took 2 like Rob Base" in reference to their hit song, It Takes Two.
  • In the Insane Clown Posse song "Down With The Clown", the group uses the line "Just don't forget me like you did with Rob Base."
  • The song "It Takes Two" is used in the first episode of My Name is Earl
  • "It Takes Two" also used in season one of HBO's "The Wire"
  • Reggaeton Artits "Wisin & Yandel" sample this song in their 2008 single "Siguelo

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It Takes Two

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