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In August 2006 four high school girls from Osaka, Japan started a band called SCANDAL. They started performing almost every weekend in Shiroten and later at clubs and musical venues, by doing so they became more and more recognised in all of Japan. In August 2007 Tower Records approached them, and a couple of months later they came to an agreement. In 2008 they released three singles in three consecutive months. After the release of their first mini-album, due to the low number of units Tower Records produced, SCANDAL signed a contract with Sony’s daughter company Epic Records in September 2008.

Scandal (スキャンダル Sukyandaru?, stylized as SCANDAL) is an all-female Japanese rock band from Osaka. Formed in August 2006 by four high school girls, they played live street performances until they were noticed and signed to the indie label Kitty Records. In 2008, they released three singles and a mini-album while performing shows in the United States, France, and Hong Kong. That October, Scandal released their major debut single, "Doll", under Epic Records Japan.

The band has performed the theme songs for many anime, including "Shōjo S" and "Harukaze" for Bleach and "Shunkan Sentimental" for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. With numerous overseas performances and anime theme songs, Scandal has built a considerable international fanbase.

Scandal toured again during the summer and fall of 2007, but without Zack Smith this time.
Scandal was formed in New York City, NY, USA.
"The Warrior" was featured in the third installment of the Guitar Hero series "Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s".
Scandal has only produced 5 music videos:
"Goodbye to You"
"Love's Got a Line on You"
"The Warrior"
"Beat of a Heart"
"Hands Tied"
As of April 2008, Scandal is still running.
Kasim Sulton and Thommy Price are two former members of Scandal.
Scandal performed songs by:
Holly Knight
Nick Glider
Zachary Smith
Patty Smyth
Keith Mack
Doug Lubahn
Jonathan Cain
Neal Schon
Steve Perry
Scandal: We Are the 80s
"Goodbye to You"
"Love's Got A Line On You"
"The Warrior"
"Win Some, Lose Some"
"She Can't Say No"
"Another Bad Love"
"All My Life"
"Hands Tied"
"Beat of a Heart"
"Say What You Will"
"Grow So Wise"
"If You Love Me"
"I'm Here Tonight"
The Warrior
"The Warrior"
"Beat of a Heart"
"Hands Tied"
"Less Than Half"
"Only the Young"
"All I Want"
"Talk To Me"
"Say What You Will"
"Maybe We Went Too Far"
Scandal has released music videos to the following songs: "Goodbye to You," "Love's Got a Line on You," "The Warrior," "Beat of a Heart," and "Hands Tied."
The third line of the lyrics to "Goodbye to You" are often misheard. The actual lyric is "You know you never got by your fear to choose."
In 1985, Patty Smyth caused the band to break up when she left for a solo career.
"The Warrior" was featured in a mock IPOD commercial in the sixth episode of the fourth season of Family Guy. In the commercial, Stewie Griffin dances in silhouette while the chorus of the song is played. Both "The Warrior" and Stewie Griffin use the phrase "victory is mine": the words are sung by Patty Smyth at 3 minutes 30 seconds, and it is a recurring catchphrase of Stewie's.
Patty Smyth has written several songs since Scandal and is most noted for the theme song she wrote for McEnroe's talk show on CNBC.
Patty Smyth lives in New York City with her husband, John McEnroe, and their 6 kids. Three of the kids were from his previous marriage, 1 from her previous marriage, and 2 they had together.
On February 9, 2005, Scandal did a string of concerts on the United States East Coast.
Scandal reunited in 2004 for VH1's Band Reunited show.
Scandal broke apart shortly after "The Warrior" tour in 1984.
Ivan Elias died of cancer in June of 1995.
Scandal started out a success, but due to struggles with their members and record company, they slowly lost members and were forced to replace them.
Scandal's Members
Ivan Elias - bassist
Keith Mack - guitarist
Benjy King - keyboardist
Thommy Price - drummer
Patty Smyth - vocalist
Scandal's label is Columbia Records.
Zack Smith wrote most of the band's hits.
The band is fronted by Patty Smyth.


80's Hits

Goodbye To You
The Warrior

Members of this Group










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