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Sir Mix a Lot

In 1986, Sir Mix-a-Lot and his partner, Nasty Nes, founded the Nastymix record label. His first hit, released in 1987, was the single "Posse on Broadway," whose title referred to Broadway in Seattle's Capitol Hill district. The Godzilla remix of "Posse on Broadway" contained a sample from David Bowie's 1975 hit "Fame," but neither the album version nor the original seven-inch edit version (which was used for the video) used the Bowie sample. Swass, his debut album, was released in 1988, with two other singles: "Square-Dance Rap" and a hip hop cover of the Black Sabbath song "Iron Man" backed by the band Metal Church. In 1990, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified Swass platinum for selling a million copies.

Sir Mix-A-Lot debuted on the Def American label, which also bought the rights of his first two albums, with Mack Daddy in 1992. Its single "Baby Got Back" was a number-one hit that went double platinum and won the 1993 Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. MTV aired the video for "Baby Got Back" only during evening hours because of its sexual nature. In 1993, Sir Mix-a-Lot collaborated with Seattle-based grunge group Mudhoney for the song "Freak Momma" on the Judgment Night soundtrack.

Low label promotion of his 1996 album Return of the Bumpasaurus led Sir Mix-a-Lot to leave the American label. During the three year break, Sir Mix-a-Lot worked closely with another group, The Presidents of the United States of America under the group name "Subset" with a combination of rock and rap music, but nothing was ever officially released. Sir Mix-a-Lot signed with the independent Artist Direct label for his 2003 album Daddy's Home with "Big Johnson" as its lead single. Despite having taken several years off from recording, Sir Mix-a-Lot is still known to mix frequently.

In 2010, Sir Mix-a-Lot announced his next album, Dun 4got About Mix. The lead single "Carz" was released to YouTube on 23 Nov 2010. By June 2011, the video had acquired over a million views, although no release date for the album has been set. In the same year, his F.U.B.A.R. Remix for the song Conditions Of My Parole appeared on Puscifer's remix album All Re-Mixed Up.

In 2013, Sir Mix-a-Lot produced the album "Dream" for the up-and-coming Urban Rock band, Ayron Jones and the Way. Mix-a-lot opened for Ayron Jones and the Way for their album release party at Neumos on November 2.

Also in 2013, Sir Mix-a-Lot promoted the Washington State Lottery over the Christmas season, and advertisements featuring his music even appeared on Spotify.

On June 6, 2014, Sir Mix-a-Lot collaborated and performed with the Seattle Symphony on a new composition by Gabriel Prokofiev as part of the symphony's Sonic Evolution series of new orchestral pieces inspired by Seattle's music icons.

Also in 2014, Nicki Minaj released the single "Anaconda," prominently featuring a sample from "Baby Got Back." Sir Mix-a-Lot effusively praised both the artist and the song, calling it the "new and improved version" of "Baby Got Back."

His height is 5'11" (1.80 m).
His music video for the early 1990s and the #1 hit "Baby Got Back" was actually one of the first music videos to get banned by MTV for its gratuitous depiction of a female backside. MTV had relegated it to a late-night viewing.


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