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Stephen Lynch is an American singer and comedian, famous for his raunchy comic lyrics. He was born July 28, 1971 in Abington, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Saginaw, Michigan and attended Western Michigan University, where he learned to play guitar. He is a Tony nominee for his role as Robbie Hart in the Broadway musical, The Wedding Singer. Stephen married Erin Dwight in September of 2003.

Singer/songwriter and comedian Stephen Lynch has an uncanny wit and a mysterious comical side to him, and his performance resumé includes shared gigs with Jeff Foxworthy, Bobcat Goldthwait, Anthony Clark, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. In summer 2000, he appeared in his own debut television special on Comedy Central. The guitarist also released his debut album A Little Bit Special, a 22-track look into Lynch's silly and ironic sense of humor, in September 2000. Two years later, Lynch issued a collection of five different shows in and around New York City titled Superhero. Tours at countless colleges and universities across the United States followed into 2004, the same year Lynch released his first DVD, Live at the El Rey. The single "Vanilla Ice Cream" announced the arrival of his 2005 album The Craig Machine.

Stephen states that he will not sing a song in front of an audience unless his wife laughs at it.
The superheroes in Stephen's hit song "Superhero" are as listed in order from first to last: Awesome Man, Drug-Free Boy, Immigration Dude, and Justice Guy.
Stephen cites famous singer/songwriters Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell as his childhood inspirations.
Stephen attended Western Michigan University where he graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in drama.
Cleanest Hits is the title of an album that Stephen released that is only available at select Wal-Mart stores in the Midwest and Northeast. It contains many of his hit songs, like "Superhero" and "A Little Bit Special," with the swear words taken out.
Stephen is married and his wife's name is Erin Dwight. They were married on a private beach in Lake Michigan in September of 2003.



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