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Stephen Lynch

After spending his first year out of college with friends in California, Lynch moved to New York City in 1996 with the intention of becoming an actor. Upon his arrival, a friend at the West Bank Cafe on 42nd Street suggested Lynch play, for an audience, some of the comic songs he had written while attending university. He soon found success in comedy clubs and other venues around the city (notably Catch a Rising Star and Caroline's), and became a regular on radio shows such as Opie and Anthony. Lynch spent his early years in New York City doing what he called "totally mindless work" as a temp worker. He quit such temporary jobs permanently, signing with What Are Records? in 2000 and Vision International in 2002.

Over the next few years, he toured colleges, universities and nightclubs around the country, avoiding as much as possible the comedy club circuit, which he has stated is not to his taste. He periodically returned to Michigan to do summer stock. During his March 6, 2009 appearance on The Bob and Tom Show, Lynch mentioned "Steel Toast" as the name of the band in which he first performed. As of the start of his 3 Balloons tour in Spring 2009, Agency for the Performing Arts books all of his concert dates.

Steely Dan is an American jazz rock band founded by core members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. The band's popularity peaked in the late 1970s, and their seven albums over that period of time blended elements of jazz, rock, funk, R&B, and pop. Rolling Stone has called them "the perfect musical antiheroes for the Seventies".

Recorded with a revolving cast of session musicians, such as Larry Carlton, Steely Dan's music is characterized by complex jazz-influenced structures and harmonies. Becker and Fagen are whimsical, often sarcastic lyricists, having written "cerebral, wry and eccentric" songs about drugs, love affairs, and crime. The pair are also known for their near-obsessive perfectionism in the recording studio: Over the year they took to record Gaucho (1980), an album of just seven songs, Becker and Fagen hired at least 42 studio musicians and 11 engineers.

Steely Dan toured from 1972 to 1974 before retiring to the studio. The group disbanded for some years in 1981, and throughout most of the next decade Becker and Fagen were less active, though a cult following[2] remained devoted to the group. In 1993 the two reunited and began playing concerts. Steely Dan has since released two albums of new material, the first of which, Two Against Nature, earned a Grammy Award for Album of the Year. They have sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2001

Stephen states that he will not sing a song in front of an audience unless his wife laughs at it.
The superheroes in Stephen's hit song "Superhero" are as listed in order from first to last: Awesome Man, Drug-Free Boy, Immigration Dude, and Justice Guy.
Stephen cites famous singer/songwriters Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell as his childhood inspirations.
Stephen attended Western Michigan University where he graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in drama.
Cleanest Hits is the title of an album that Stephen released that is only available at select Wal-Mart stores in the Midwest and Northeast. It contains many of his hit songs, like "Superhero" and "A Little Bit Special," with the swear words taken out.
Stephen is married and his wife's name is Erin Dwight. They were married on a private beach in Lake Michigan in September of 2003.



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