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Steve Perry

  • His full name is Stephen Ray Perry.
  • Steve has a cat.
  • Even though Steve Perry was born in Hanford he was raised in Lemoore.
  • Steve Perry is left-handed.
  • Besides from singing Steve Perry plays the bass guitar and the drums.
  • Steve Perry sang as a solo artist on the soundtrack for Quest for Camolot.
  • Steve Perry's biggest influence in music is Sam Cooke.
  • Steve Perry Joined Journey in 1977.
  • Before Steve Perry joined Journey he worked on a farm.
  • After saying that he would never appear with Journey again, Steve surprised the fans by appearing at Journey's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on January 21, 2005.
  • After Journey, Steve became more involved in films thanks to a close friendship with film director Patty Jenki.
  • Steve Perry's favorite food is pizza.
  • Steve Perry is the oldest member in Journey.
  • Steve Perry is an only child. edit »
  • The first Journey album Steve Perry was on was called Infinity.
  • Before Journey, Steve Perry was in a band called Alien Project.

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March 15, 2010 (9:16pm)
Steve Perry a great singer of jorney @
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