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  • Sugarland was on Sesame Street and sang a song called "Songs".
  • Sugarland won the CMA award for Vocal Duo of the Year in 2007.
  • Their second album is called Enjoy The Ride, which was released in 2006.
  • Sugarland's record label is Mercury Nashville.
  • Jennifer started writing songs and playing the guitar at age 17.
  • Kristian was born in Knoxville, Tennesse on March 14, 1970.
  • Sugarland took home the Duo Video of the Year for "Want To" at the 2007 CMT Music Video Awards.
  • At the 2007 CMT Awards, Sugarland performed the song "Stay."
  • Sugarland's album Enjoy the Ride went Platinum in 2007.
  • Jennifer grew up in the small town of Douglas, Georgia.
  • Jennifer is married to Todd Van Sickle.
  • In 2003, Jennifer was approached by Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush to join their band Sugarland.
  • Sugarland won the Favorite New Artist award at the 2005 AMA Awards.
  • Sugarland toured with Kenny Chesney in 2006.
  • Sugarland's first album is Twice The Speed of Life, released in 2004.
  • The song "Who Says You Can't Go Home" was originally sung by Bon Jovi and Keith Urban, but they both sounded too much alike so Bon Jovi sang it with Jennifer Nettles instead.
  • Recently, Sugarland's Kristen Hall decided to stop singing with Sugarland, but she kept writing some of their songs. The two that remained are Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush.
  • By only their fourth gig, Sugarland was selling out 1000 seat venues. Two weeks later, they signed a contract with Mercury Records. edit »
  • Sugarland lead singer Jennifer Nettles sang a duet with Bon Jovi called "Who Said You Can't Go Home."
  • Sugarland made music videos for the songs "Down in Missisippi," "Something More," "Just Might (Make Me Believe)," "Baby Girl," "Want To," "Settlin'," "Stay", and "Everyday America."

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Stuck Like Glue


All I Want To Do
Everyday America
Want To
Already Gone
Baby Girl
It Happens
Little Miss
Something More

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