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The band tweaked its musical direction in 1988 with the release of the slightly heavier Too Hot to Sleep, but due to lackluster promotion the album barely reached the Billboard 200 in the United States. Because of this and tension between founding members, the band split.

Singer Jimi Jamison later toured as "Survivor" in the mid-1990s without the permission of the rest of the band, but reunited with Sullivan in 2000. The band then released Reach in 2006, but Jamison left again after its release and was replaced by singer Robin McAuley. Survivor continued to tour with McAuley into 2011 until Jamison returned later that year.

An announcement on November 13, 2011 by McAuley on his Facebook page revealed that he had left Survivor. A subsequent announcement on November 18, 2011 confirmed that Jamison had rejoined the band and a tour was to take place in 2012.

In April 2013 it was announced by the band's official media sources that guitarist Frankie Sullivan had reunited the current Survivor line-up with original singer Dave Bickler, with the band now having their two vocalists together for the next tour, Bickler and Jamison.

On September 1, 2014 Jamison died of what was believed to be a heart attack in his home in Memphis, TN. at the age of 63. His autopsy released on November 11, 2014 revealed the actual cause of death to be a hemorrhagic brain stroke, with "acute methamphetamine intoxication contributing."


Survivor is an American rock band formed in 1978.
Founding Survivor members Jim Peterik, Gary Smith and Dennis Keith Johnson initially came together in 1977 as The Jim Peterik Band and recorded one album, Don't Fight the Feeling, on Epic Records.
In 1982, Survivor's breakthrough arrived when actor Sylvester Stallone asked it to provide the theme song for his movie Rocky III.
In 1984, singer–comedian "Weird Al" Yankovic wrote and recorded a parody of "Eye of the Tiger" called: "The Rye or the Kaiser (Theme From Rocky XIII



80's Hits

Burning Heart
Eye of the Tiger

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