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The Tag Team consists of two young gentlemen (Mac Shoop and Matt Harvey) that were born and raised off bread and bologna in the luxurious suburbs of Milwaukie, Oregon - a community located approximatly 15 minutes outside of Portland. The Tag Team incorporates their "fresh" style, witty/dry/white sense humor and their overly obsessive love for women of all shapes and flavors. These women are ofen referred to as, "Beezys", "Tricks", "Dimes, Nickles, Quarters, etc." Honeys play them close like butter plays toast. Love, peace and chicken grease.

Tag Team was an American hip hop/pop rap duo from Atlanta, Georgia, United States active from 1993 up to 1995. The duo was made up of Cecil Glenn (DC the Brain Supreme) and Steve Gibson (Steve Roll'n) who met at Manual High School in their hometown of Denver, Colorado. They are best known for their #1 R&B and #2 Hot 100 single, "Whoomp! (There It Is)", which was released in 1993. With no other major chart activity after "Whoomp! (There It Is)", except for two versions of their hit, they are considered a one hit wonder. Tag Team also contributed the song "Pig Power in the House", featured in the 1995 film Gordy.

One of the most popular party rap/bass music duos of the early '90s, Atlanta's Tag Team -- aka Steve RollN and DC the Brain Supreme -- scored a massive hit with their 1993 single "Whoomp! There It Is," which sold over four million copies, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. The song's booming bass and seemingly endless chant of "Whoomp! There It Is" made it instantly memorable and instantly popular; the group also turned out slight variations on the song, "Addams Family (Whoomp)" and "Bulls There It Is," that year, along with a full-length album named after their first success.

But singles were Tag Team's forte, and over the next two years the duo released plenty of them, including "Here It Is, Bam!" "Whoomp! There It Went," "U Go Girl," "Pig Power," and "Funkey Situation," which was the title cut from their 1995 album. None of their efforts matched the success of "Whoomp! There It Is," however, though the single was immortalized on countless party rap and jock jams compilations; the group released a best-of album in early 2000.

Tag Team also contributed the song "Pig Power in the House", featured in the 1995 film Gordy


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