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Tal Bachman

  • Talmage "Tal" Bachman (born August 13, 1968 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician from Vancouver, British Columbia. He is best known for his late 1999 hit, "She's So High," from his self-titled 1999 album.
  • Bachman got his break when executives at EMI Music Publishing in New York City heard a demo tape, and aided him in securing a record deal with Columbia Records.
  • Bachman's second album, Staring Down The Sun, was released in Canada on Sextant Records in August 2004 and was released in the United States by Artemis Records in 2006. The single "Aeroplane" reached #20 on the Canadian charts.
  • Tal Bachman is a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who went on an unpaid mission to Argentina and was for a time a Sunday School teacher. He has since renounced his religion, stating that "the only way Mormonism makes any kind of sense, is when it is assumed to be a very man-made fraud."
  • As the holder of a bachelor's degree in political science, Bachman has moonlighted as a political commentator.
  • Other appearances include on the CBC television show "Open Book with Mary Walsh" to discuss the autobiography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez with Canadian novelists Jane Urquhart and M.J. Vassanji, his appearance on the Pamela Wallin show to discuss growing up with a famous father, and a guest appearance on the television show "Melrose Place."
  • In 2006, Bachman was interviewed for the 2007 PBS documentary called The Mormons. In it, he discussed his departure from the LDS Church.
  • In 2008, Bachman also discussed his departure from the LDS Church when interviewed for the Bill Maher documentary Religulous.



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